GaloreGameServers GGS Special Pack 
 20 Man 66 Ticrate 500 FPS Public Server 
 12 Man 100 Ticrate 500 FPS Private Server 
 15 Man Ventrilo Server GaloreGameServers Left4Dead Package 
 12 Man Public Left4Dead Server 
 Free DNS Connect 
 10 Man Ventrilo
CALeague.Com Package 
 12 Man 100 Ticrate 256 FPS Private 
 15 Man Ventrilo GSPReport.Com Package 
 12 Man 100 Ticrate 500 FPS 
 50 Man HLTV or SourceTV Relay 
 15 Man Ventrilo
GaloreGameServers GGS Basic 
 12 Man 66 Ticrate 256 FPS Private 
 Free Server Boosting 
 10 Man Ventrilo Server Chicago Dedicated Servers 
 Intel Core2Quad Q9300 2.5 GHZ x 4 Cores 
 2GB DDR2 667 ECC Ram 
 2000 GB Premium Low-Latency Bandwidth 
 5 Usable IPS 
 1 x 250 GB 7200 Sata2 HDD
GaloreGameServers 1000 FPS Chest 
 11 Man 100 Ticrate 1000 FPS Private 
 Free Server Boosting 
 10 Man Ventrilo Server 
 Basic Webhosting with subdomain GaloreGameServers 1000 FPS Special 
 12 Man 100 Ticrate 1000 FPS Private 
 50 Man SourceTV \ HLTV Relay 
 15 Man Ventrilo 
 Basic webhosting plus subdomain


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GaloreGameServers.Com Customer Testimonials and Reviews

 Welcome to GaloreGameServers.Com                
Thank you for taking a moment of your time to look at GaloreGameServers.Com - The very best in Game Server , Ventrilo, Teamspeak, and Dedicated Server hosting! We offer quick, friendly and kid compliant customer support with a community feel, thats right to the point. We offer multiple locations throughout the United States on all our gameserver setups, and locations worldwide with our voice products.

Here at GaloreGameServers we feel our representatives should know what you are talking about regarding a particular game, so we make it a point that all our representatives play games themselves, because of this we know Exactly what gamers are looking for in their game server. At anytime you can email a rep, submit a ticket, or even message one on iRC (Internet Relay Chat) and we will kindly help you with any situation, or question you might have and If we need to we will go in your server with you so you can show us exactly what might be wrong and it will be remedied immediately.

GGS also takes great pride knowing simply that we would not exist if it weren't for our customers and the gaming community we serve, so we choose to give as much back to our customers as possible, with this we offer the gaming community over 10 sponsored teams , multiple free SourceTV Relay servers, and the massive online public community of NoobGalore. At any given night you can game with the owners, with the representatives, and talk to us on a 1 on 1 level if you so choose.

We Utilize the TCAdmin Gaming Control panel which gives you the ability to fully control and customize as well as add subusers to your gameservers, and our custom ventrilo panel allows on the spot movement of your voice server right from the panel!! We have spared no expense in bringing you what you would expect from the a high quality gaming provider, at a portion of the cost!

We thank you for your interest in our company, and if there is anything we can do to maximize your stay with us here at GGS, please do not hesitate to ask. We CAN make it happen!


 Company News                
Chicago Dedicated server BLOWOUT!
We've done it again! Just check out these prices on this insane hardware! Our chicago network is Internap FCP Optimized for those latency critical applications such as Game servers, Voice servers, or stable dedicated servers. These prices will blow you away!
Left4Dead - The game offers a unique take on the zombie genre, pitting 4 human-controlled survivors against 4 human-controlled boss zombies, along with hundreds of normal infected zombies! Starting at $1.25 per slot
Call of Duty 5 : World at War NOW AVAILABLE!
You asked for it! We deliver! We are now proud to announce the addition of yet another title to our gameserver lineup. With this release we are also ushering in our second year of business and our new lower prices! Chat with a sales rep for a test server today!

Huge sale on our Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike Source, Day of Defeat Source, and Day of Defeat brand games in our Dallas Datacenter! Huge overstock forces us to liquidate our current fleet! These are QuadCore XEON SuperMicro machines on premium Internap transit! Hosted in the famed Infomart building! YOU CAN'T BEAT THIS DEAL!

HL2: ZombiePanic released on steam and we got it!
Today we announce a special promotion with the newest HL2 Mod, Zombie Panic! Enjoy our low prices and low pings on our superior hardware with this great modification brought to you by the guys at

New Customer Testimonials
Have you ever feared of fake testimonials? Ever fear the host just had sponsors writing reviews? Galore has chosen to have GSPReport.Com be our source for our customer testimonials! Please visit their site to view reviews, or review us yourself! All 100% real customers with real experiences!
Call of Duty 4 Servers Announced!
After a long running period of offering CoD4 servers only internally to our existing customerbase, we are proud to announce this offering to the public! Hosted on QuadCore Xeon 3300/5400 Chipsets, these servers run like champs! Test yours today!
International Online Soccer:Source
GaloreGameServers is proud to announce we are now selling the newest stable release of International Online Soccer: Source a full featured soccer multiplayer hl2 mod! Please visit our games page for order details!
Team Fortress 2 Servers TF2
We are proud to announce the offering of TF2 Servers here at Galore GameServers! With our dedicated to professional game hosting we now are renting this very popular mod! Click our link to the left to check out our packages!
Dedicated Server Specials!! (November)
We have decided to make a specials area in our forums reguarding dedicated server specials! Please Click Here
Welcome to our 1 Year Anniversary!!!
We are now in our 12th month of hosting servers! We have had an amazing response to our servers and support! In leu of this, and our new service offerings we are extending a warm welcome to all new customers by announcing, with the publication of this that we are giving every new customer 10% off their first month of service with us. Good Game! [Coupon: iamnew]
Team Sponsorships
Galore GameServers is proud to announce that we sponser some of the top teams in the leagues! Home to Moms Perfect 5, eBol, The Existence, and inRage. They choose to stay here because of our focus and dedication to our customers making sure your as happy as possible! We wish all teams the best of luck in the leagues!
GGS Gaming Community [noobGalore]
We are proud to announce our newest sponsorship/partnership with Noob Galore. Noob Galore is home to 20 public servers that rock the Top of the server charts all night long! This community continues to grow, expand and continue to dominate the online gaming community, making us very proud to host their machines. Keep up the good work guys! You can also find the GGS Staffers in here quite frequently!
GameRail Announced!
GaloreGameServers.Com is proud to announce that we have linked to GameRail on our Dallas, And our Chicago networks! We will be linking shortly in NYC So please stay tuned, and for more information please check
eMagionation Studios Event 8-4-2007
GaloreGameServers and eMagionation studios in conjunction with The Existence are holding a LAN Event at the Tallahasse Mall TODAY! First prize is over $1000 !! Stop in to check it out! Be sure to check the CAL Forums for more news and updates! Aswell as our forums. Good Luck to everybody!

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